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Black Hawk Down Beta Release! A look at the upcoming Black Hawk Down mini-mod for World in Conflict. You can find out more about the Black Hawk Down mod by visiting our ModDB page. 
The Unit | Band of Brothers An Alternative Intro to CBS's "The Unit," a TV Show about a top-secret military organization modeled after the real Delta Force (1st SFOD-D).
SEALs and Pararescue Video United States Special Forces mix, includes Pararescue Jumpers and SEALs.
Mentonper: A Custom Map for WiC Here's a look at Mentonper, a new Custom Map for World in Conflict that takes place in a densely urbanized environment.

Unveiling of "Black Hawk Down"


Black Hawk Down


Black Hawk Down is the new modification from Transition Entertainment for 2007's Real-Time Strategy Game of the year, World in Conflict. BHD adds new units and tactical aids, as well as improves on existing units to recreate the events of Operation Gothic Serpent and the Battle of Mogadishu. Here are our current objectives for this mod:


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